Ham Radio KI7OFL – SOTA (Summits on the Air) Activity in Arizona

SOTA Summits On The Air “KI7OFL”

Interested in SOTA?

Summits on the Air, SOTA. A Great way to get outside, get fit, bond with friends and family while seeing the world through a different perspective.



KI70FL – Upgraded to General 6.12.2018 (Tech. 6.13.2017)

Slowly activating some of the numerous SOTA Summits in Arizona (W7A), I enjoy SSB on 144.200usb, Local FM 144.41 and both the 20 meter and 6meter frequencies for SOTA. My QTH is DM41 Sahuarita Arizona section W7A. The plan is to join my son Douglas KI7LLD (General) and my brother KI7OFN (Tech) for much of this activity.

What’s Next?

January VHF Grid Chase to include the Arizona W7A January S2S Desert Madness on Sunday Jan. 19, 2019 where VHF is King – I will update later but count on me having a 6m and 2m Beam up in the air.


September S2S 10-Point Madness – SOTA Arizona 09.28.2019

That time of year again for the Arizona SOTA S2S 10-point Madness event. This year it looks like there will be a number of out of state participants as well. Check for ALERTS and Spots on SOTA WATCH

I will be lugging my gear up a steep mountain, bush-whacking and blazing my own trail. Pack will be on the heavy side for this non-typical SOTA Event. Plan on having the Yaesu 857D, Bioenno 12ah battery, Tuner, 10-element 2m beam, 5-element 6m beam as well as the MFJ Big Ears antenna for HF. Last year I used a home made 2m beam as well as an inverted V 20meter antenna strung up in the trees – although it worked well, I knew we could do better.

Antennas were reduced to 1/2 the normal size with some specific cuts, unions and 10/32″ tap and die. Initial testing in the back yard produced very good results – Mountain will be the real test. Will post pics and a follow up note after the event.

So, how did it go?

The hike was much more difficult this year, rain had fallen for several days earlier this week and the mountain was soggy at best.

My Brother KI7OFN and I {KI7OFL} reached the peak of Green Mountain W7A/PE-002 a couple of hours behind schedule. Found the peak covered in ladybugs and the both of us completely wore out.

First order of business was to get a pot of coffee going. This year it was Portlands Stumptown. Managed to get the MFJ Big Ears up as well as the 2m Beam. Slow start as everyone had moved away from the 2m band, no activity on 6m noted and no cell service to post an alert.

Managed to squeeze out a few contacts on 20m and get an Alert set. Final for the day was 19 contacts, 2m – 20m and 40m.

5 Arizona contacts were Summit to Summit, 11 chaser contacts to include Washington, San Fran, San Antonio, Calif, Kansas, Georgia and Oregon.

2 Summit to Summit contacts in Washington.

S2S Tweet 9.2019




Ham Radio Field Day 2019

This year I was camping on Mount Bigelow during Field Day. Mount Bigelow provides us with a slight advantage while working VHF/UHF with the local state contacts as we were at just over 8500′. Mount Bigelow is SOTA W7A/AW-003 DM42pj.

Worked 6-meter, 2meter 144.200usb, 20meter and 40meter while enjoying at least one cold beer and a well done Ribeye.

Myself (KI7OFL), KI7OFN and KI7LLD over the couple of days. Ran the Yaesu 857D, Yaesu FTdx3000 and the Kenwood D74 HT. Antenna will be the MFJ Big Ears, set at about 20′, a 6-m J-pole set at about 20′ and 9-element 2m/440 Beam at maybe 6′ tripod mounted. Will be 100% on Battery operation running 1w – 100watts. Last Minute I added a 6m 3element beam from Ham Radio Outlet in Phoenix.

Worked 6meter with W6LDX, KC8CC, N7DSX and K1IEB – All in all very happy with the MFJ 3 Element beam. Had a great follow up letter from Thom Davis W6LDX, he shared a lot of great information with me and I am sure I will have him tweek my 857D soon to get the best out of the radio.

Also made a QSO with W7SUA, KR7RK (SOTA), K7UVA on 40m and W6SPR on 40m.


Sunday 01.20.2019

Large number of Arizona SOTA activations at the same time working VHF S2S, The VHF Grid contest as well as some HF.

The plan was to have an easy peak so we could carry some extra gear up the mountain. Ends up W7A/PN-125 is actually quite steep and a real workout with no real chance to give the legs a break. Fine for a younger guy in somewhat better shape.

Ended up being just over 10,400 steps, 3.6miles and 61 floors with about 30pnds on my back.

9 Element 2m Beam – 6m JPole and the MFJ Big Ears. Radio was the Yaesu 857d with a 12ah battery, Kenwood HT @ only 5w.

Yuma to my west was a bust with zero contacts that direction, Phoenix to the North was an easy trip on 2 and 6meter, Vail AZ to my South was also an easy trip via 6meter.

We (KI7OFN KI7LLD KI7OFL) were located just south of Casa Grande where the I-8 and I-10 meet on W7A/PN-125, not a tall peak at just over 2000′ and a climb of only 600′. Locator is DM42 (160* from the Phoenix area, 90* from Yuma, 210* from Queen Creek and 310* from Vail AZ).

Worked the following: 144.41fm     144.200usb   50.140usb 14.347usb

w7a s2s

Original Pic I took a few days before the activation, really thought this would be an easy one for us. My son KI7LLD, his wife and my Grandson enjoyed the hike with no issue. My knees just didn’t agree.


Morning view as we proceeded from the West side parking lot. Had a number of locals showing up to get their morning exercise on the path, none offered to carry my pack.


Looks like a lot. Mast, HF Big Ears antenna, Yaesu 857D, Battery, several coax, HT. SOTA Flag, USA Flag. Was lucky on the way up KI7LLD carried my 9 Elem. 2M Antenna


KI7OFN once we moved over to the trail on the ridge line. Great views and a good path


Cant tell you how many people ask why we are carrying a fishing pole

The trail can be steep, rocky, cholla (Jumping Cactus).


View North towards Phoenix AZ.


9 Element 2m set up Vertical and aimed towards Yuma as I thought I might squeeze in a 180 mile 2m contact. Just wasn’t meant to be. Left it in this configuration as I worked the event with 59 reports to the North and West.


Great shot looking south towards Tucson. Picacho Peak can be seen if you look closely. We did that peak about a year ago.


My Brother “Estell” KI7OFN proudly displaying the SOTA Flag. His pole supports a roll up 2m antenna as well as a roll up 6m antenna. He worked a real pile up with both for a couple of hours. Nice, clean easy set up.


My son “Douglas” KI7LLD and my grandson. Doug stepped off of his radio to try my 857d coupled with the MFJ Big Ears HF antenna. He was working the east coast in no time.


That’s me, KI7OFL below. The MFJ Big Ears. 857d. With three of us on the peak the ear phones sure made a difference. Worked KB7CWV S2S DM44, KI7LLD (He was off the mountain quick enough to chase us from I-10), N7AZ/P S2S, N7AMA, K7KFN S2S, WA7JTM DM33, K7TEJ S2S on 6 Meters 50.140usb, N7TXT DM33, WA7XX, KC7V DM43, W7KMV DM42, W0MNA on 20 Meters to KANSAS 14.347usb, N7IR DM43, NQ7R 6 Meter 50.143 with a distance of maybe 5 miles as Tom was located off to the east of our peak in Casa Grande, W7KKM S2S 6 meter 50.125usb DM41 – Will try and join Mike for a summit called Elephant Head in March. Then there was K7TAB – I was packed up and ready to go, enjoying the cigar when I turned on the kenwood HT, 144.41 just to see if everyone was still on, got a last minute S2S on 5watts, great way to end the day.


After the VHF S2S Event KI7OFN and I had a celebratory cigar.


Not so lucky for the trip down, had one extra antenna to pack out. Really surprised how easy it all comes together, just wish it was 15pnds lighter.




Recently caught the following SOTA Activators:

Easy HF Trip into Northern California today, caught Phil KK6YYD on Prosser Hill W6/NS-236 01.12.2019 for 6 points. Usual set up Yaesu dx3000d with the MFY Big Ears. Phil advised he was deep in the snow, I was enjoying a cold adult beverage in Southern Arizona. See this pic I pulled from his youtube feed as he recorded our QSO.


Two scores into AlbertaCanada on 01.03.2019. First was Ian VE6IXD on VE6/JF-086 14.325 then Malen VE6VID on VE6/RA-030 14.335usb. At 1300 miles to my North they were being heard all over the USA.

KI7LLD put me over 300 chaser points as he hiked up W7A/PE-074 Pistol hill just before our winter storm hit. Always enjoy catching my son Doug on the radio while he is out and about. 144.41fm HT Both ways.

Well, KD5ZZK was my last SOTA Contact for 2018 and my First for 2019. Scored 10pnts with KD5ZZK on W5A/OH-001 14.347usb in Arkansas.

May just be the last chaser points I see for 2018 – Andrew KD5ZZK was operating off the peak @ W5A/PT-002 Petit Jean Mountain EM35md Poteau Mountains. I was on the 3000d fighting high winds with the MFJ Big Ear antenna as a storm was rolling in southern Arizona. Appreciate the 54 rcvd as it looks like Andrew may have shut it down following our contact. Chaser points moved to 287 to close out 2018.

Phil KK6YYD sitting on W6/NS-267 calling CQ on 14.343usb. Advised he was using the 857d Yaesu at only 30watts. I was using the Yaesu 3000d with the MFJ Big Ears again for this one. I also use the 857d when on a summit.

Ian VE6IXD/P in Alberta Canada VE6/RA-029 on 14.3275usb. Ian was weak into Arizona with Hams calling him from across the United States. Solid 55 signal with my MFJ Big Ears sitting at only 5′. The Yaesu 3000d antenna tuner does a great job of getting the SWR and noise down.

K4KPK on WAG/NG-020 14.2965usb – Day after Christmas on the new Yaesu 3000D, the filtering capability of the radio made this contact happen. MFJ Big Ears antenna set up at 4′ in the back yard. Thanks for the points Kevin

N7SHG on W7O/CE-231 14.288usb – Shelby had a signal I pulled out of the weeds, 11 most of time with a 51 as we said 73. Yaesu 3000D and the MFJ Big Ears antenna


Not SOTA, But a great contact made on Dec. 8th 2018 to the U.S.S Midway #CV-41 in San Diego during the special event station operation. Caught Cliff NI6IW using an 80′ Long-wire on 40 meters 7.250lsb. Have toured this ship every time I vacation in San Diego, enjoy the history as well as the museum. Must see if you are ever in the area. I was on the Yaesu 857d and the MFJ Big Ears for this one and really enjoyed the QSO.

KG7EJT Tim on W7W/SK-155 with a 11 signal report as the qrm was unreal that day. 14.346usb – Clear as day as I listened to KR7RK pulled off an easy S2S with Tim.

K6ARK Adam on W7N/HU-089 on 40 meter 7.195lsb with a solid 44. Adam was my first 40 meter contact! Thank you…


  • Green Mountain W7A/PE-002

W7A S2S Madness Event


Up at 5am for the 1.5hr drive to the base parking lot just outside of the entrance to Rose Canyon Lake on Mt. Lemmon.

W7A SOTA Planned event. To have as many hams on SOTA 10-point peaks as possible, all at the same time. Looks like there were at least 1103 qso’s and a total of 4100 SOTA Points gained for this event.

My brother KI7OFN and I chose to activate Green Mountain W7A/PE-002 (10points)

Green Mountain is a serious 1.5-hour verticle hike, with no real trail up, loose footing and bushwacking all part of the climb. We kept checking the GPS only to realize we were gaining altitude but not much closer to the peak for much of the climb.

Great view of Mt. Bigelow to our North-west, about the time I took the picture I was wishing I had found a drive up peak…

Today’s equipment: The Yaesu 857D, 12ah Bioenno battery, Homemade take-down 7-Element 2m Yagi, collapsible tripod, MFJ 20-Meter dipole strung as an inverted V and the Kenwood HT.

Started the day with a quick system check with my son Douglas KI7LLD who was monitoring from his qth during this event. 20 over 9 on 2m 156.520fm.

On the 2m Horizontal 7-Element homemade Yagi, I managed to pull in Curt K7ZOO on 144.41fm, the signal report was less than I had hoped, he was about 125 miles to the east of us on Maple Peak W7A/AE-033.

Jason N1RWY and Ray AA7AO were solid contacts from Pinal Peak W7A/AW-009, 144.41fm at about 75 miles to my North.

On the peak – Worked two out of state S2S on 20 meters as well as the neighboring peak of Mt. Bigelow W7A/AW-003 on 14.342 – Dave AE9Q advised I was 5/9 (We were only 5-miles apart). Steve was in Georgia on W4G/HC-036, 20-meter 14.347 with a 5/2 report both ways. This was my first out of state S2S and first on 20-meters. K6KWI W6/SC-371 on 14.285 with a weak 1/1 signal report.

I struck out on 2-meter SSB as I had hoped to catch the Arizona “Sidewinders on Two” club today while on the peak using 144.250usb or 144.200usb

Unfortunately just as we were getting our groove going my cell phone rang, I had an emergency at home and needed off the mountain immediately. The hike down took a lot out of us, as we were rushing off the peak we careful, but also in a hurry. We took a different route down than we took up. The route was a step, slip, slide and brace for impact, check for injury and repeat as the easy way down had a 12″ thick layer of pine needles that offered no footing.

This set of circumstances brought up many of our fears as we hike out into the wilderness. I will be much more prepared the next time I venture out.

Pictured below: Bud – KI7OFL



Pictured below is my brother Estell KI7OFN, he was having great success with his TYT-9800 and a 2m as well as a 6m roll up Jpole hoisted to about 24′ or so.



Map Pic Madness S2S 2018

Screen Shot W7A Contacts

73 everyone


  • Mount Bigelow

Field Day #ARRLFD is June 23rd and 24th.

Camped just below the summit W7A/AW-003 Saturday the 23rd and some of the 24th. Radio, Cold Beer, Ribeye and Black Rifle Coffee. This is going to be a nice weekend.

Worked the 7 element beam antenna on 144.200usb, the dipole inverted V 20m as well as 6meter. But… I will be chasing any SOTA Signal. Updated Twitter @Budcountryman or @AZSOTA

KI7OFN was onsite, activated the summit for 10points on 2m 144.41fm 146.520fm, 70cm, and 6meter 50.140fm.



Sunday 03.25.2018

Had the Kenwood HT on during the climb 146.520fm.

On the peak hitting Phoenix and Tucson with 146.520fm 144.41fm, Yaesu 857D plummed to the ELK Antenna. I will then seek out some distance as I move the Yaesu to 144.200usb. During the last activation, I was able to reach into Silver City New Mexico at about 160 miles. Will switch over to 6meter, Yaesu with coax run to a 17′ roll up jpole 50.125usb.

Great time taking on this SOTA Summit.

Made a mistake and took the Sunset trail, added a couple of hours to the hike and had us wore out prior to us hitting the real climb.

I was hiking with my brother KI7OFN, my son KI7LLD and his wife hit the Hunter trail. Needless to say they were waiting on the peak a full hour and a half ahead of us.

Hike is slippery, rocky, very steep and yes you have to use the cables to get up and down.

Multiple contacts made to include:

N7AMA on 144.41fm

N7SQN “AL” on 144.200usb

WN7XX “Dutch” 144.200usb

KD6PZB “Pat” 146.520fm

K2LCT “Dick” 146.520fm

K7TAB “Chris” 146.520fm

W7GMO “Mark” 146.520fm 52.525usb


Had APRS up and running


About 45 minutes into the hike KI7OFL KI7OFN, we have no idea what we got ourselves into.


KI7OFL where the Hunter and Sunset trails meet.


Great view South as we are about half the way up the west side.



Cables were needed for much of the final approach. History has these as being installed in the early 20’s


At this point, we were thinking, well – why not?


My son Douglas KI7LLD came off the peak to assist with the pack belonging to KI7OFN


Just don’t look down.


On the East side of the peak, not much room to work with. Had the ELK up as well as a 6meter Jpole running down the side of the mountain. Still managed a decent contact into West Tucson (6M). Phoenix and Tucson were both very easy on 2m FM.


KI7OFN with his back to me, KI7OFL working a real pile up as Phoenix was all over the CQ


The way it all started. KI7OFN Estell, KI7OFL Bud



Twice got a QSO with Linda KB7CWV as she worked Mt. Lemon as well as Mt. Bigelow just north of Tucson on 2m 144.41fm. Contact moved me to 160 points.


Multiple QSO’s made with Mark Vickers today as he hit at least 3 summits in the Tucson area while on Vacation in AZ.

Mark is K7EEX and tuned down to 144.41fm to hit us locals. I caught him on W7A/PE-002 Green Mountain 144.41fm with the Yaesu 857d, signal report of 33 with my ELK antenna perched in the office at home, then on W7A/AW-003 a short time later with a 59 signal report. I was mobile at the time in my F150 operating off the TYT9800. Caught him one last time on W7A/AW-001 with a signal report of 33 a couple of hours later.

Throughout the weekend I would hear him calling Summits on the Air on 20meters 14.341ssb, I really need to upgrade to general…. Mark also hit Picacho Peak the following day, KI7LLD was able to get him on 2m, my set up just couldn’t make the trip.

Mark mailed out a very nice QSL card, my first actually.



Solo trip today to Mount Bigelow W7A/AW-003. Not the usual as I had a couple of hour drive across town and up the mountain highway for this one. I left in the dark with the anticipation of getting to the lower parking lot by sunset, needed to be fully set up and on the air by 8:30am as I wanted to catch the Sidewinders on Two SSB group Sunday morning net from this location.



Interesting start as I took a wrong turn early in the hike (Low light) and added another 1/2 mile to my hike. I really found out how out of shape I was, at 8500′ I was winded in no time.


In the early light, my eye caught an object off to my left, I stopped breathing for a moment as I thought I was being hunted


Ended up being a burnt stump


This trip included the Yaesu 857d, battery power, the Kenwood HT back up radio as well as the new ELK antenna.






This video doesn’t exist

Interesting history on the mountain, I stopped at the Catalina Federal Honor Camp on my way down, had last been here in the 70’s as a boy scout. At that time there were buildings still standing. Will make another trip up here this summer.



QSO’s included:

KI7LLD 146.520fm. My son and fellow Ham Doug was in Tucson at work operating an HT on 5-watts. First contact of the day

N7SQN 144.250usb. AL was a great contact, unfortunately, it was after I stepped all over the morning SWOT (Sidewinders on Two) Net as I was operating two mic’s and keyed up on the wrong radio.

N90BB 144.200usb. Dan in Tucson

K7CQX 144.250usb. Woody in the Phoenix area, Woody advised he was pushing 1kw…..

K1IEB 144.250usb. Kim out of the MESA AZ area with a nice signal

NM5SD 144.250usb. Steve was my prized contact as he was in Silver City New Mexico with an S1 Signal report off the back of my antenna. That’s about 160miles.

W7KMV 144.250usb. Dennis was mobile in the Dragoons area east of Benson AZ

K7KMR 144.250usb. Kevin in DM33 with a 55 signal report out of Whitman AZ near Phoenix

KI7OFN 52.125fm. Estell was on 6-Meter this morning. Enjoyed the freq. and the contact with my brother, 52.125 was quiet otherwise

KI7OFN 446.000fm. Estell moved over to 70cm as this frequency had not been activated on this summit. There is one for the record book. Estell also stayed in contact with me throughout the hike off the summit (I was hiking alone), I was mobile with the Kenwood HT D74.



Headed out to the Historic Southwest location of Cochise this week, our goal was to hit two peaks. First and only stop was “Behind the house hill” W7A/CO-123 in the Dragoon mountains. The region is rich with Americana history, Apache Indian tales, Silver Mining, the Wild West as well as the early signal corps of General Nelson Miles in 1896.

You will need a truck, 4WD will do better than my F150 with a differential lock, will also need some ground clearance…

The view was outstanding. This peak is also an array of towers and antenna’s that may or may not raise havoc with your radio. The Yaesu 857d did a great job of cleaning up the signals with 59 signal reports.

I failed to pull any points on this trip as I worked 2m USB on 144.250 and 6m on 50.125 USB. Contacts included local W7DOG, and then N3RN made the trip at about 60 miles. KI7LLD and KI7OFN both secured points with multiple 2m contacts on 146.520 FM and SSB.

Pic below is looking south off the peak towards Ft. Huachuca, Sierra Vista and Mexico. The antenna is 20 plus feet, Vertical 6m Jpole as well as a homemade copper jpole for 2m.




Our first SOTA Expedition was to Elephant Head just south of Tucson Arizona.

A 30-minute drive, some trail and light scrambling was the initial plan for the morning. Peak is 5600′ ITU Zone W7.

One wrong turn in the southwest desert put us on the wrong side of the peak for our climb. A three-hour mistake we could not make up for today.



As you approach the mountain from the west side, we went through the community of elephant head and then to the dirt road. Make no mistake this is 4×4 country and no place for a truck you love the paint job on. The picture below is the like new F150 4×4 with the right side running board removed as the damage was bad enough we couldn’t open the right front door. Make sure you have a tool kit with you…..


Made it to the base of the mountain following a 1.5 to 2mile hike in, made it about 1/2 way up the peak before we determined we just could not complete the climb from this angle in our condition and with our gear.

That’s the peak just 400′ behind us, unobtainable today.

Set up at this point looking west out of this canyon.


Home built 2m Jpole antenna. A take-down copper unit made from 3/4″ pipe

6m jpole

Yaesu ATAS 120a antenna

20′ Flagpole

Yaesu 857d



Kenwood D74 HT

Several Boafeng HT Back up radios


Pictured below is KI7OFN (Estell) KI7LLD (Doug) and KI7OFL (Bud)


This is a rugged area with some wildlife, can you see the Javalina in the picture below?


Contact was difficult as we were stuck in a canyon with no view of the North, South or East which would be needed today. View to the west was Continental AZ. and perhaps AJO Az.

KI7LLD (Douglas) with the ICOM on 2m 146.520 and a takedown jpole did an outstanding job with contacts made to at least 7 different Hams. W7KKM (Michael) advised Phx., K7ZOO (Curt) checked in, Chaser points added as KI7LLD Made contact with K7GPT (Michael) who was transmitting from Agua Caliente Summit in Tucson with SOTA as well.

KI7OFN hit the local Green Valley repeater with his TYT9800, great test of the system and our ability to connect outside of this remote area. EAARS Repeater was more difficult, as we could hear it, but they could only get a S2 with bacon from us.

KI7OFL with the Yasue 857 and 120A antenna had 0 contacts. Was working 10m 28.425 usb. Learned a lot this trip. Once I was back in the garage with a cold beverage I found the 12A was fully retracted, I never hit the tune option once I set the frequency.

Great day with my son KI7LLD and Brother KI7OFN, a learning experience as well as an adventure.

Next time Elephant Head, next time.

73 everyone



First Chaser SOTA contact made 11.15.2017 Simplex 2M 146.520 30miles with the Yaesu 857 and the Jpole in the attic. Solid signal from K7GIN for 4 points.

Planning future SOTA Hike:, day trip some 60 miles away to the historic Picacho Peak just of I-10 about half way between Phoenix AZ and Tucson Az in the ELOY AZ area – Hunter Trail.

Welcome to Picacho Peak! Visitors traveling
along I-10 in southern Arizona can’t miss the
prominent 1,500-foot peak of Picacho Peak
State Park. Enjoy the view as you hike the
trails that wind up the peak and, often in the
spring, overlook a sea of wildflowers. The
park and surrounding area are known for its unique geological significance, outstanding and varied desert growth, and historical importance. The unique shape has been used
as a landmark by travelers since prehistoric
times. One of the first written records was
in the 1700s by the Anza Expedition as it
passed through the area

Goal is to take on the Hunter Trail: 2.0 miles; difficult; begins on the north side from Barrett Loop and goes to the top of the peak. The trail climbs a resistant path typical of the Sonoran desert. The route is steep and twisting, with steel cables (gloves are recommended) anchored into the rock in places where the surface is bare.

See the attached MAP Here: PIPE_Park_Brochure2017

2-Meter Simplex channel will be 146.52 with a goal of reaching into Phoenix, Casa Grande and Tucson metro area’s as we will at 3334′ transmitting with 5 – 50watts.

2-Meter repeater (Non SOTA) will be the EAARS Network off Mt. Lemmon 147.160 and Globe 145.41 in an effort to get some local Ham’s to listen for us on the peak. Of course in the event of an emergency, this is an excellent resource with a lot of coverage.

GPS Coordinates to park entrance

Decimal Degrees (WGS84)
Latitude: 32.645952
Longitude: -111.401153

Degrees, Minutes & Seconds
Latitude: N32 38 45
Longitude: W111 24 04

Latitude: N 32 38.757
Longitude: W 111 24.069

X: 462377
Y: 3612109

Chaser points 11.21.2017

W7A/PE-074 Pistol Hill with KI7LLD 446.00 146.520.


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